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Why You'll Love Drip Feed Links

Every SEO knows that blasts of backlinks is 90% of the rankings game. But that process is time-consuming, tedious and difficult to get right.

Finally an automated link building service that's easy to use!

With Drip Feed Links you create one or more projects, specify your keywords and backlinks, then relax while all of the hard work is done for you! We slowly and carefully build blog comment, rapid indexers, image comments, guest books and trackbacks backlinks, dripped out at the exact speed you need to avoid the Google Sandbox and still get killer ranking results.

This tool is built by an SEO for automating backlink blasts. It is exactly what's needed for your volume link building efforts.

    - Run unlimited projects per day.
    - Define your own account size. Run all of your campaigns from a single account!
    - Specify the percentage of links you want as blog comments, rapid indexers, image comments, guest books and trackbacks.
    - Set up a default schedule to run multiple jobs every single day.
    - Linklicious Pro users get double bonus links!

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