How To Get Your Bonus Links!

All users of Linklicious Pro get double links and all users of Linklicious Basic get 25% bonus links with their subscription.

All you need to do to claim this offer is just add your Linklicious API key in the "My Account" tab and the bonus links are added automatically. Should you cancel or upgrade/downgrade your subscription, your bonus links simply be adjusted accordingly and you will always keep your original subscription.

Note: You'll also want to add your DripFeedLinks API key to your account. Doing this pulls your DFL links into your Linklicious account so they'll drip out slowly and safely.

1. Obtain Your API KEY

Login to your account and click the "Linklicious API Key" menu item in the left side navigation. Copy your API key.

2. Add Your API KEY

Just login and head to the "My Account" tab and look for the heading " Bonus Links." Then, simply paste the API key into the proper field.

3. Enjoy your bonus links!