How It Works

The DFL service allows you to quickly and easily set your backlink program on autopilot. No more guessing your anchor text, if buying the 30K profile package is too much, or how to take a day off. The process is so simple.

1. Define your project

Create a new project then define one or more keywords and target URLs for that project. If you enter more than one keyword or URL variations will be spun as the links are generated. Don't want to spin your anchors? Just setup another project!

2. Set up your link building schedule

Using an intuitive calendar interface, set up one or more projects to run each day. Mix and match your daily link quota between your projects in whatever way you want giving you TOTAL flexibility. For days that you don't want to manually input new projects, just create a default schedule that will run any days you do not manually add projects.

3. View the results

At a glance see the results of your scheduled drips. Easily download your results to ping your newly created links or sign up with our partner Linklicious and have the pinging done for you automatically.

4. Watch the results

Now that your link building and pinging are on autopilot, just sit back and watch your sites climb in the SERPs. It doesn't get any easier!